Multi-Tee Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Multi-Tee different from other batting tees on the market today?

Until now, most batting tees have used only one upright tee–some of which could be moved to different locations on the plate. These batting tees can actually limit the true hitting location of pitches. The majority of amateur baseball and softball players have not been taught the correct position of ball and bat contact for pitches in the three standard hitting zones: inside, middle and outside.

When using the Multi-Tee™ in the correct manner, the swing arm can be easily rotated to the proper position for bat and ball contact. This is why the Multi-Tee™ will be especially useful to those who don’t fully understand basic hitting techniques. Not only can this training device be set up to hit a ball in the three primary positions, it may also be set up anywhere between these positions, thus creating dozens of hitting scenarios on which to practice.

How does the Multi-Tee work for practicing standard drills for hitting Inside, Middle, and Outside Pitches?

Inside Pitch Drill

When using a conventional, single, batting tee product, the batter will move his feet to simulate hitting pitches in different locations. For example, a batter who is working on hitting inside pitches, will routinely move back in the box, positioning himself to hit the balls that are sitting in the middle of the plate. This gives the batter no true simulation of hitting inside pitches.

By rotating the Multi-Tee™ swing arm to the hitters pull side and by placing a ball on the front tee, the batter is prompted to keep his feet in the same position while swinging the bat. This creates a more accurate situation for hitting live pitching, simulating the unexpected pitch location a player could expect.

Middle Pitch Drill

One may think that placing a standard batting tee in the middle of the plate and having a batter take repetitive swings is the best way to condition him to hit middle pitches. Wrong! While the tee position—the middle of the plate—may be right, the location of the ball is wrong. The ideal spot to make contact with a pitch down the middle of the plate, is just in front of the plate. The Multi-Tee™ will allow the batter to adjust to this hitting position easily, by turning the swing arm to the front and hitting a ball off the back tee.

The end result of the swing should be a ball hit back up the middle after contact with the bat. If the ball is pulled to the hitters pull side, then in all probability the batter has pulled out his hands and shoulders. Using the Multi-Tee™, batters will see immediate results of their swing and can make necessary adjustments to correct hand and shoulder positioning.

Outside Pitch Drill

Players simply do not spend enough time practicing the execution of hitting outside pitches. In fact, most players don’t understand where contact should be made with the ball on outside pitches. From beginners to experienced pros, players tend to make contact with the outside pitch too early and out in the front of home plate. By allowing the ball to travel deeper within one’s stance, slightly delaying contact with the ball, a batter increases the likelihood that the ball will be hit harder.

The Multi-Tee™ offers a simple solution to perfecting this movement. The batter simply rotates the swing arm to the opposite side of the plate, mounts the ball on the back tee, and begins working on making proper contact with outside pitches.

What other drills can the Multi-Tee do, to help improve my swing?

Because of it’s innovative; 2-tee design, this tee facilitates opportunities for hitters to work on two, unique specialty drills: the High-Tee and Hands–Through-the-Ball.

High-Tee Drill

Often, young hitters have a tendency to drop their back shoulder during the swing and hit the ball while the bat is moving in an upward angle, resulting in inconsistent contact. The Multi-Tee’s™ swing arm may be placed toward the catcher, while the back tee is raised slightly higher than the front tee which holds the ball.

The object of this drill is to make solid contact with the ball on the front tee, without hitting the back tee. The High-Tee drill promotes development of the proper swing plane a hitter needs to create consistent contact. As a player conquers this drill, he can either lower the front tee, or raise the back tee to continue working on variations of this drill.

Hands-Through-the-Ball Drill

The specialty drill, Hands–Through-the-Ball, will teach the hitter to get his hands to the ball and through the ball for the proper finish. One of the major flaws of young hitters is pulling their front shoulder off the ball just after contact, causing loss of power.

Practicing this drill will help the hitter understand the correct technique for getting full extension on the swing. Once again, both tees are used in the Hands-Through-the-Ball drill, but in this exercise balls are placed on both tees at the same height. By placing the tee in the position to hit inside pitches, the ball on the back tee should be hit towards the pitcher and the ball on front tee should go to the pull side of the hitter. The proper execution of the drill will help young hitters maintain the correct front shoulder position at contact—this creates strong contact and increased power.

Can the Multi-Tee™ be used for softball?

Yes, because of the design of the Multi-Tee™, this hitting tool is equally effectively for both baseball and softball training. The same drills discussed above, are just as useful for practicing softball.

How long should this batting tee last?

Because the Multi-Tee™ is made of strong, durable rubber and plastic, this hitting tool will last for years of training. However, if one of the upright hitting tees break during normal hitting drills and not because of abuse, this part will be replaced free of charge for life. Please contact us for further instructions.

What other benefits, or services are available with the Multi-Tee?

To illustrate the versatility of the Multi-Tee™, a DVD is included with each purchase. This DVD not only contains an introduction and overview of the product, but it has video demonstrating how the tee can be used in the drills mentioned above. As an added bonus, an abbreviated sample lesson is also provided allowing players, parents and coaches to see how the Multi-Tee™ can effectively be used to develop the hitting skills of all levels of players.