I purchased two of your multi-tee’s for my daughter. She’s on a 10U travel softball team here in GA. Since purchasing your multi-tee’s

Additionally, I’d like to add that I’ve used several other tee’s in the past; however, none were as close to the ruggedness and quality of construction as your multi-tee. In fact, the other previous tee’s she has used over the years are currently stacked up in the corner of our garage – broken and battered. On the other hand, your multi-tee stands up to any punishment she throws its way

Chris W., GA

My son currently takes batting lessons & is a pretty good batter. When he broke his tee we decided to purchase this one. The Multi-Tee really helps reinforce the verbal part of his trainning. We can really see a difference in the results of his at bats.Thank you!

JP, Houston, TX

We love the multi-tee. My son uses it nearly every day. He is a 12yo 8th grader that just found out he made the local high school team in part to his practice on the multi-tee. Thanks for a great product AND great support!

B.C. Louisville, KY

“Wow, what a great batting tee. The Multi-Tee® takes all of the guesswork out of setting up for hitting the baseball, no matter where it is pitched. I’ve been watching my son play baseball for years, but I never knew exactly where you were supposed to make contact with the ball. The Multi-Tee® allows him to go outside and do his hitting drills and I know that he is making contact with the ball where he is supposed to.”

Bill U.

“Before my son started using the Multi-Tee® this year, he was struggling with the bat. He had an inconsistent swing and was not making good contact with the ball. It seemed as though he kept pulling out his front shoulder. By using the Multi-Tee® on a regular basis, he has developed a swing that has allowed him to make better contact and to help keep his front shoulder in. I know that this new hitting tool has given him a positive and more confident attitude about hitting. I fully recommend the Multi-Tee®.”

Staci G.

“My son Hunter has used the Multi-Tee® and it has helped him become a better all around hitter. His skills enabled him to play on the 2005 Dixie Youth World Series Championship Team where he hit .333 at the World Series Tournament as a nine-year old. I recommend its use for training young ball players.”

E. Baggett

“Practice makes perfect and with the specialty drills that this batting tee can do, it allows my daughter to work on those things that will help her swing. Making contact with the ball at the right angle is important and the Multi-Tee® will help her do that. The “High-Tee” drill insures that she knows when she has made an improper swing at the ball and will help her develop the muscle memory needed to make the consistent swing to the ball. What a difference this tee has made in her swing.”

Beth W.