No, Urban Meyer isn’t trying to get Tim Tebow vested in the NFL’s pension plan


There’s a strange theory making the rounds regarding one of the potential reasons for Jaguars coach Urban Meyer giving an offseason roster spot — and, eventually, a regular-season job — to tight end Tim Tebow. It’s not only strange, but also incorrect.

As the argument goes, Meyer is doing it because Tebow is a handful of games away from becoming vested in the league’s pension plan.

Here’s why it’s wrong: He’s already vested. Vesting happens with three credited seasons. Tebow has three credited seasons, from 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Another credited season would give Tebow greater benefits. But so what? The guy currently has and will have whatever money he needs.

Thus, while there are one or two (or more) non-football reasons for the move, helping Tebow vest his NFL pension isn’t one of them.